GOODWILL IS NOW TAKING CAR DONATIONS...850-656-8000 or 866-656-8944

1) It's Fast...Car will be picked up the same day
2) Hassle Free...All you need to do is answer a few questions over the phone
3) No Cost To You...Pick Up and Towing is Free Of Charge
4) Money Stays In The Community...Goodwill Of The Big Bend stretches from Perry
to Destin

Goodwill Industries is now taking car donations! If you want to donate a car, the first thing you will need is the title. We'll gladly accept the car no matter what the condition! Running or not. Free Towing and Pickup, usually within 24 hours.

And you get a tax deduction for the gross proceeds received from the sale of the vehicle or $500, whichever is greater. For details, call John at 850-656-8000 or 866-656-8944


I ask people to call me when they have the Title in their hands . That way we can get some numbers off the title and tell you where to sign it.

Then we'll arrange for a tow truck to come up, usually the same day or the next day.

By the way, the vehicle doesn't have to be running. We take them in any condition.

You can be there when the truck comes, but don't have to be there if you don't want to be.

We take any kind of Car, Truck, Most Boats and Campers, Trailers, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Scooters...If it has wheels or an engine we're glad to accept it.

When the car arrives at our lot, I will mail you a Donation Receipt letter which describes the way the IRS handles car donations. Basically you get to deduct a minimum of $500 and a maximum of whatever the car sells for. If we do sell the car for more than $500, you'll get a follow up letter and the IRS form.

It doesn't matter what shape the car is in...or if it runs. We get all kinds of cars...including some very nice late model cars.


The cars are listed on our website as they come in and are checked out.

We are part of Goodwill...and also a licensed we collect 1) Sales Tax, 2) Title Fee (About $80 in Florida-less in other states) and 3) The Tag Fee. New tags in Florida run about $325 to $425 depending on the car. We do not add any dealer fees or extras...we just pass on what the state of Florida charges.

Like all dealers, we need a Drivers License and Insurance Card. However we don't take trade-in's or do any kind of financing. For payment we accept Cash, Credit Cards or Debit Cars (Sorry, no Checks)

All Prices On Web Subject To Change